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Electric vehicle range extender instructions

Electric vehicle range extender instructions

Under the premise that the electric vehicle battery is low, and no parking is required, the range extender can drive the electric vehicle to run normally and charge the battery at the same time, which greatly increases the driving mileage of the electric vehicle and truly achieves the same level as the car. There is also no mileage limit for continuous driving.

. Advantage Function


1. Under the premise that the electric vehicle battery is low, and no parking is required, the range extender can drive the electric vehicle to run normally and charge the battery at the same time, which greatly increases the driving mileage of the electric vehicle and truly achieves the same level as the car. There is also no mileage limit for continuous driving.


2. An electric vehicle equipped with an electric vehicle range extender, so that the battery will not work in a state of power loss, which can greatly extend the battery's service life.


3. When the electric vehicle climbs the hill, especially when pulling heavy cargo, the driving power of the electric vehicle is far greater than the power required for normal flat road driving. At this time, the range extender can be started manually, electrically or intelligently. Generate electricity, provide energy supply for electric vehicle batteries, prevent excessive current discharge of batteries to damage the batteries and shorten the service life.

Ⅱ. Special instructions


1. The range extender is designed to output DC power to drive the electric vehicle motor without stopping when the electric vehicle is running, and to control the engine operation and flameout to stabilize the output voltage within the rated range. The remaining power is used to charge the battery, so it is not necessary. Fear of excessive high voltage and high current charging will cause damage to the car battery pack.


2. The electronic intelligent controller supporting the intelligent range extender automatically detects the battery voltage. When the battery voltage is lower than 60% of the nominal value, or the electric current consumption of the electric motor of the acceleration or climbing electric vehicle is too large, and the time exceeds 3 minutes, The range extender automatically starts power generation and charges the battery. When the battery voltage of the electric vehicle returns to the nominal value, or after the acceleration or climbing is completed, the range extender will automatically shut down and generate electricity.


3. As the intelligent range extender recharges the electric vehicle battery in an optimal charging state in time, preventing the battery from over-discharging and overheating caused by overcharging, the electrolyte is boiled and evaporated to consume, and the battery is always kept in the optimal state of use. Life is greatly extended. Generally, new batteries can be used for more than 30 months without obvious capacity degradation. Old batteries with severe capacity degradation do not affect the normal driving of electric vehicles.


4. It needs to be emphasized that if a range extender with the same power as the electric vehicle motor is selected, the original vehicle battery must be used, because the electric power consumption of the electric vehicle when starting, accelerating and going uphill is more than twice that of normal driving. Battery-assisted power is also required.


5. If a generator smaller than the power of the electric vehicle motor is selected, it can only be used to provide auxiliary power for the electric vehicle during driving, or to charge the battery when stopping, and to supplement the power consumption of the battery.


6. The hand-started range extender needs to determine whether the battery is depleted according to the indication of the power meter, and then manually start or electrically start the range extender to generate electricity. When the battery power meter displays a full grid, the range extender should continue to run for 5 minutes to promote the battery The battery is saturated, and then the range extender is turned off manually.


Ⅲ. The installation method


1. The premise of installation is that it does not affect operation and passenger seats. If an exhaust pipe for a vehicle is used, a soft corrugated pipe connection is required to prevent vibration. If you want to control the operation of the extender manually, you can place the extender near the driver's seat.


2. Just plug the power output plug of the range extender directly into the original charging socket of the electric car (the total positive and negative polarity of the battery must be exactly the same as the positive and negative polarity of the range extender. It is strictly forbidden to reverse, otherwise it will The burner of the extender, the connection between the charging socket and the battery must be the same as the output cable of the battery to meet the power supply demand of high current when climbing.


Ⅳ. The inspection before starting the test machine


1. Confirm that the range extender has been added with the specified model and quantity of 4-stroke gasoline engine oil, such as inorganic oil or the amount of oil has not reached the standard amount, it is strictly prohibited to start the range extender to generate electricity.


2. Make sure that the fuel tank has 92 # grade gasoline, and the lower switch of the fuel tank is turned on.


3. Carefully check whether the connection lines are correctly connected, whether the screws are tight, whether the polarities are the same, and whether there are short circuits and grounding.


4. Slowly pull the hand-drawn starter disk with your hand, note the rotation direction of the extender, and then click the electric start button to see if the rotation direction of the range extender and the hand-drawn rotation direction are consistent. The three output lines of the programmer are in any two wiring positions on the rectifier; if they are not consistent, they will not start.


. Self-handling methods for simple faults


1. Difficult to start: First check whether there is oil in the fuel tank. The range extender uses 92 # gasoline. If the supporting controller is manual, the choke door needs to be closed manually when starting. The choke door is opened after the standby device runs normally. Control the choke.


2. Flameout during driving: check the fuel tank condition to see if the electric vehicle voltmeter indicates that the charge is full, because after the charge is full, the range extender controller will automatically turn off the power generation function to protect the electric vehicle battery from being overcharged damage.


3. The starter and the flames will stop at all times. This situation often occurs when the output power of the selected range extender is less than the power of the electric vehicle motor, because the electric vehicle needs a large current supply for uphill and acceleration. If the battery is in a large loss State, it will require the range extender to provide more current than its rated power generation. In order to protect the range extender from being damaged due to overload, the control device supporting the range extender will automatically shut down the power generation. This situation is called overcurrent protection and flameout. It is normal and requires no processing.


4. The range extender goes out when starting the car, or the range extender is laborious to start and the load is too heavy. In addition to the optional range extender with a smaller power, most of the electric vehicle circuit has a short circuit. Repair it in time to avoid a larger one. failure.


5. The lack of oil indicator light flashes, it will automatically protect, the range extender can not start, you must add an appropriate amount of gasoline engine oil. If there is a shortage of oil, it will cause a failure of the cylinder of the gasoline engine supporting the range extender. The failure performance is that it cannot be started. The manual start is very laborious and the crankshaft cannot run. In this case, it can only be sent to a nearby repair point for repair or return to the factory for repair. .


6. The range extender works for 20 hours for the first time. The oil should be changed, the filter element dust should be removed, and all exposed screws should be tightened again. After working for 50 hours, change the oil again, check the fastening screws, and then check and add the oil in time. Failure to change the oil in accordance with regulations will greatly reduce the life of the extender.


7. At any time, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery and the range extender cannot be reversed. Reverse connection will burn out the insurance film, and at the same time, it may cause a short circuit and burn the motor and controller.